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Everybody’s Free…to Freeload.

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I’m a freeloader. If it’s free, or available to me at my convenience, I’ll take it.

Like now, for instance: I’m sitting in a Starbucks to use their free WiFi because I no longer have internet access in my apartment. For some reason, my building decided to call it quits on the free wireless network that was available to anyone who wanted it last night, because – I guess – that’s just not okay. Or they enjoy torturing us penny-saving tenants by forcing us to subscribe to Time Warner Cable. I don’t know, and I don’t really care. It’s just inconvenient. I kind of wish this could have happened at a different time, say like, after I leave for Prague, when I don’t really need to worry about it.

But so be it. I’ll take my free internet elsewhere. I could survive without it until it’s installed, but this way, I actually leave my tiny, hot apartment and venture out into the real world. With real people. And sunlight. Have you heard of it? It’s quite nice.

Other free things I enjoy: taking an obscene amounts of fruit from NYU dining halls, desserts from the bakery, free music downloads (not stealing, but actually free), and concerts.

During the summer, NYC puts on free shows at Pier 54. River Rocks on the Hudson River. Last night was Metronomy and Class Actress.

This is Metronomy:

I got this cool t-shirt from the concert.

Pretty cool night. You should definitely check out both artists if you’ve never heard of them. One of the reasons I like going to concerts to see bands or artists I’ve never really heard before is to see if they perform great live. If they’re awesome, I’ll invest.

Anyways. I’m getting kicked out of Starbucks. Gotta find somewhere else.


Let’s Talk about Sex, Baby.

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Well boys and girls, today we’re going to learn about the male and female reproductive organs.

Learning about the Reproductive System in Human Physiology is not nearly as entertaining as it is awkward. It’s like going back to middle school, when boys and girls are separated into rooms to be taught/informed/scared into reasons not to have sex (Oh Lordy), or to practice it safely. Remember how awful and pointless Sex-ed was in P.E.? Unfortunately, what we’re learning is more complicated these days. And the lessons are even more boring. I wish my professor would have provided a really dated, really cliché video for our viewing entertainment. I’m clearly being given more reasons as to why I’d rather not get preggers.

I’ll spare you the nitty gritty details. Jokes, however, are clearly not beneath me. PENIS! I’m mature, right?

Other than this last Physiology class – or perhaps because of it – my day has been going really well so far. I’d hate to jinx it, but some things have just been going my way. Like for instance, I found 20 bucks in my last Language and Society class. It could have been mine, which means that I dropped it and found it before anyone else did, or I really did find a $20 bill. Either way, score. I’m rich!

I also managed to navigate myself from Broome Street without fail, which by my standards on going to new neighborhoods I’ve never been around, is pretty damn good. I usually get lost. I made it back with enough time to spend some extra Dining Dollars in Starbucks. Wound up getting my coffee for free; I was standing in line, ready to pay when a woman called for guests to ‘step down.’ I followed a boy to her register, but she walked away as soon as I pulled out my card to pay. I wasn’t sure what to do, but seeing that my coffee was already in my hand, I took my chance and left. Call me a thief, but we all love free things. Especially at NYU. Get what you can. Make it work. Just do it. You know, [insert a cliché saying here.]

And having not eaten since 10, I took my chances in Upstein. No luck there, but I did run into London which definitely brightened my day even more. He walked through the doors carrying his “finals staff,” and I finally realized what the name really meant. Watching him skateboard down the street in high spirits, wearing his glasses without lenses and brandishing his staff made me really happy to have him as a friend. I don’t know who else has friends who do this kind of stuff. And just to inform you of another “London moment,” check out this blog post by my awesome friend Emmett.

And to top my day, I’m going to have some Brinner with Eric soon. Breakfast for Dinner. It’s bound to be radical. I really love my friends. And this day.

And you – you out there, wherever you are, reading this. You’re great too. If we’re friends, you’re the best. If not, let’s get some coffee sometime, shall we? I’ll pay. (if it’s free, or worth a meal swipe)