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Guess Who’s Back?

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, thank you for holding. Let’s resume, shall we?

Obviously, I’ve taken a rather extended hiatus from blogging. What with the last weeks of school having been a super buzz kill to my confidence, happiness, and social life, I didn’t have anything worthy of posting. It would probably have read something along the lines of  “Oh my God, I’m so tired…so fed up with all this apartment searching…these allergies are killing me…where are my friends…” and blah blah blah. What a bore.

So here I am, drawn back to my not-so-private online journal, to….start over. Yeah, that seems to be it. I feel like this summer has been something of a reinvention for me. A good one.

I owe a lot of my newfound confidence to my job. I am still the ‘newbie’ at Magnolia, but I feel so welcome there that it hardly seems like I’ve worked for less than 2 months now. I’ve had shitty jobs before (not going to endorse) so working in an environment where I can joke around with my co-workers feels fucking great. Excuse my french.

If you think I’m a quiet person, come visit me at work. Half the time, I’m yelling out Mean Girls quotes, half the time I’m singing at the top of my lungs to the music. I know almost every song – and I’m not sure how that’s possible. Plus, I love my co-workers. I joke around with the guys: they have this guy system/code that seems to only make sense to them. But I’ve figured it out! I was informed that I’ve been inducted into the ‘Gentlemen’s Club.’ I suppose I should feel privileged. I don’t know if it means I’ve started to think like a guy, but gee whiz, I’ve certainly learned a LOT about how they think on days when I’m the only girl working counter. ‘Manly Mondays’ at Magnolia. Stop by for a treat.

And on days when work kinda sucks, I still get to eat cupcakes and banana pudding. I’d say win.

I suppose that’s it for now. If anyone was worried I was dead, well…I got better.