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Everybody’s Free…to Freeload.

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I’m a freeloader. If it’s free, or available to me at my convenience, I’ll take it.

Like now, for instance: I’m sitting in a Starbucks to use their free WiFi because I no longer have internet access in my apartment. For some reason, my building decided to call it quits on the free wireless network that was available to anyone who wanted it last night, because – I guess – that’s just not okay. Or they enjoy torturing us penny-saving tenants by forcing us to subscribe to Time Warner Cable. I don’t know, and I don’t really care. It’s just inconvenient. I kind of wish this could have happened at a different time, say like, after I leave for Prague, when I don’t really need to worry about it.

But so be it. I’ll take my free internet elsewhere. I could survive without it until it’s installed, but this way, I actually leave my tiny, hot apartment and venture out into the real world. With real people. And sunlight. Have you heard of it? It’s quite nice.

Other free things I enjoy: taking an obscene amounts of fruit from NYU dining halls, desserts from the bakery, free music downloads (not stealing, but actually free), and concerts.

During the summer, NYC puts on free shows at Pier 54. River Rocks on the Hudson River. Last night was Metronomy and Class Actress.

This is Metronomy:

I got this cool t-shirt from the concert.

Pretty cool night. You should definitely check out both artists if you’ve never heard of them. One of the reasons I like going to concerts to see bands or artists I’ve never really heard before is to see if they perform great live. If they’re awesome, I’ll invest.

Anyways. I’m getting kicked out of Starbucks. Gotta find somewhere else.


Looks Like I Don’t Have a Case of the Mondays!

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I don’t really know how this happened, but I seem to have free time tonight. I managed to finish most of the work due for Tuesday, and Wednesday, so now I’m scratching my head wondering what to do next. I could potentially get started on Tuesday night’s Media Audiences work due Thursday, but I’d rather not. Plus, one of my Wednesday classes is cancelled this week so I could just as easily do it then.

Frankly, I’m a little bewildered. I’m so used to scrambling to get all my work finished on Monday nights because I don’t start my readings until Sunday…afternoon. Nothing changed this week – I started last night around 9:30, after making and eating delicious Oreo marshmallow filled cupcakes and rice crispy treats and actually managed to finish two assignments, with enough time left over to watch Easy A. Granted, I went to sleep around 1:30, but still. There was no class today on account of Presidential appreciation. But I don’t have Monday classes anyways, so it doesn’t really apply. I got the rest of my work done, managed to read for fun and cooked a healthy meal. So, job well done self!

Oscars are this weekend, and they’re showing all the Best Movie nominees in Grams. I’m taking advantage of this free time, and of the free food, goodies and whatever else NYU sponsored dorm events offer by watching Black Swan. Sweet deal.

Catch you later Home Fries. (Cheesy? Yes.)