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Hey There.

Who am I?

Well, I’m certainly not Batman, if that’s what you were thinking. Or your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man for that matter, either.
I’m just a girl who decided to create a blog because, yup, you guessed it! Everyone else seems to be doing it too.

Actually, that’s not 100% true. I had originally been assigned to write a blog for one of my classes, but I’m no longer in it, and I just never felt compelled to post anything. Until now, that is. I’ve discovered that I actually like this sort of thing.

But back to the question raised. I am nearing my second decade upon this planet and I’m still trying to figure it out. Let’s start with the basics: My name is Jen. Or Jen Jen, if you decide to visit my hometown. Not Jenn. Hardly ever Jennifer. Never Jenny. When I was younger, I wanted my name to be Samantha so much that for one week straight, I signed every paper I got with the alias. But that didn’t work, so I’ve learned to live with “Jen.”

I played the violin for a little over 9 years, fell madly in love with my theatre department freshman year of high school, took only one art elective (the only class I really ever liked) for just two days before having to drop it, fell out of love with my theatre department, and found myself applying early decision to NYU located within the only place I’ve ever felt drawn to: NYC. I wound up in the kitchen, rather than onstage. The lighting is better, anyways. And because I’m a Food Studies major, I can make you cakes, pies, Quiche, scones, cookies, bread, cupcakes, lemon curd, muffins, bread pudding – all you have to do is ask. Please, and thank you.

But I’m just a girl – well, woman, actually – who should be spending her free time bettering herself by searching for jobs, reading intellectual memoirs about people who have done greater things in their lives than myself, going outside and exploring the city (New York) or the world (Earth), learning various instruments – basically living life away from the computer monitor. Believe me, I’m trying. I’ll let you know when I finish counting the number of miles I’ve walked so far. Could be over 9,000.

I’m also a frugal student in the midst of New York City who’s only form of shopping lately has been refined to glancing at the pretty dresses in the windows of cute boutiques on my long walk home from campus. But that’s okay. If I’ve learned anything from this city, it’s that there are plenty of great things for less than five bucks that you can take apart, piece back together, and make your own.

For now, I’m just a work-in-progress.


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