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New Sights on a New(er) Site.

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I’m packing up and almost ready to start my new semester in Prague. That’s right. Czech Republic. Formerly communist, and formerly Czechoslovakia. So this should be really fun.

Anyways, I’ve decided to switch to another blog, or tumblr (or both) that focuses on all the stuff I do, places I see and things I think about while I’m in Prague. If this disappoints anyone, sorry. Maybe you’ll devote your time towards something else. I kind of want a fresh start, and feel like this is the best way to do it.

If it doesn’t disappoint, then great. Glad to know you’ll be along for the trip.

I’m gonna go experiment and see what’s best. God speed, and see you on the Czech side.


About Jen

Who am I? Well, I'm certainly not Batman, if that's what you were thinking. Or Spiderman for that matter, either. I'm just a girl who decided to create a blog because, yup, you guessed it. Everyone else seems to be doing it too. Actually, that's not 100% true. I had originally been assigned to write a blog for one of my classes, but I'm no longer in it, and I just never got around to following through with posting anything. Until now, that is. But back to the question raised. I am nearing my second decade upon this planet and I'm still trying to figure it out. Let's start with the basics: I'm a girl - well, woman, actually - who should really be spending her free time bettering herself by searching for jobs, reading intellectual memoirs about people who have done greater things in their lives than I have, going outside and exploring the city (New York) or the world (Earth), learning various instruments - basically living life away from the computer screen. I'm also a frugal student in the midst of New York City who's only form of shopping lately has been refined to glancing at the pretty dresses in the windows of cute boutiques on my long walk home from campus. But that's okay. If I've learned anything from this city, it's that there are plenty of great things for less than five bucks that you can take apart, piece back together, and make it your own.

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